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VnC cocktails

$11.99 ea or 2 for $20


K’ a bold and iconic premium Irish cider. It has always been presumed that ‘X’ means strength however premium ciders of a superior quality have always been marked with a ‘K’. K Hard Apple Cider is a refreshing full flavoured semi sweet cider bursting with the flavour of ripe apples, best served chilled.

Jim Beam Red Stag 700ml - $29.99 ( BOURBOUN )

It's a brilliantly bold combination: Through a slow infusion process, Jim Beam's distillers start with fine four-year-old Jim Beam Bourbon and then complement its distinctive taste with hints of natural black cherry flavour. The result is like nothing you've experienced before, and one sip will have you rethinking bourbon. Sometimes the uncharted path delivers the most delicious rewards. Red Stag by Jim Beam is a sweet, well-rounded taste and delicious mixed or straight up. Tasting Notes: Aroma: Distinctively fruity, without disguising the familiar rich nose of Jim Beam bourbon. Taste: Corn sweetness and mellow oak accented by a hint of black cherry for smoothness and balance. Finish: Satiny and judiciously sweet, with a true bourbon warmth . Alcohol Vol  40%

Malibu Pineapple 700ml - $29.99 ( Rum )

Malibu Pineapple. Get the good times flowing with your friends with  Malibu Pineapple, a delicious mix of pineapple and mouthwatering coconut rum

Malfy range - $54.99 ( Gin )

Malfy Gin is a brand of gin bottled in Italy, distilled by Torino Distillati, and distributed by Biggar & Leith.

Squealing Pig Rose 750ml - $19.99 ( SPARKLING WINE )

The nose is filled with strawberry shortcake and watermelon aromas. The palate is elegant with beautiful nectarine and white cherry flavours. Refreshingly crisp natural acidity is balanced by a hint of sweetness for a textural, dry finish.

Wakachangi 12pk btls - $19.99 ( BEER )

Established more or less in 1648, Wakachangi is probably New Zealand's oldest and most trusted beer! Legend has it the first batch was brewed by nymphomaniac monks in Portugal. They were keen to make a beer that could be used to treat colour blindness and the effects of asparagus wees. They also wanted to make a beer that didn't taste like badger piss thats been put through a 16th Century soda-stream. By all accounts they were successful, but once the Catholic Church got word of it they wanted the beer for themselves.
In an act that many people feel inspired Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code', the monks went to go into hiding with the recipe. It was lost for nearly 400 years until inexplicably  it turned up just outside of Greymouth, New Zealand, whereupon it was found by Great Uncle Kenny, one of New Zealand's most prolific inventors, adventurors and philanderers.
 He spent many years perfecting the recipe. He wanted to make a truly national beer that could be enjoyed by everyone, also, most importantly, one that didn't taste like wees that had been put through a soda stream. Luckily he achieved this and in the process made the first  South Otago beer with North Canterbury flavours, brewed by a West-Coaster with the ol' misty waters of the Waikato!

Smirnoff Ice Double Black Guarana 250mL Can 6x4 Pack - $59.99

Smirnoff Ice Double Black cans have a refreshing and extra strong blend of Smirnoff Vodka and tangy citrus flavoured soda. A modern tribute to the traditional standards established by Smirnoff , Smirnoff Black is perfect for parties or sharing with great friends.

DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb 12pk btls - $20.99 ( BEER )

DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb is a smooth golden lager with a mild bitterness. An extended brewing process reduces the carbohydrate quantity to 0.5 g/100ml, with a crisp, clean and refreshing taste.

Stoke 6pk btls range - $12.99 ( Craft Beer )

They’ve been brewed using Nelson’s world famous hops, our own bespoke yeast, and 14,000 year-old Palaeo water sourced from right under our feet. They’ve been created using a fine balance of traditional techniques and innovative thinking. From our premium Lager to our India Pale Ale, our rich Dark brew to our full-flavoured light beer, there’s a little something for everyone in our foundation range.

Good George squealers - $13.99

It is Hamilton based brewery. It manufactures a wide range of craft beers and ciders .The brewery is  well known for its quality and freshness.


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