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Ardbeg 'An Oa' 46.6%



Ardbeg 'An Oa' is the latest release from the iconic Ardbeg distillery on Islay, named after the southern point of the island known as the Mull of Oa (pronounced 'oh'). A creation of three different cask types that are married in a new 'gathering' vat which allows these flavours to mellow and mingle. The aroma is classic Ardbeg - sooty, ashy peat smoke wrapped in a lush sweetness, joined by spices and sea-spray. The palate is sweet and heavy with an oily mouthfeel, followed by rich peat smoke and hints of dark chocolate bitterness in the finish. A welcome new addition to the permanent Ardbeg range - gather 'round and get to know An Oa.

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